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Day 1


Love Letters from the Holy Spirit A Collection

Day 1

Have you ever wondered what I am really like?  

I bet you have heard a lot of stories about me.  Some of them may have caused you to decide that if that was the way that I acted, then you didn’t want to be around me. There was no way that you were ever going to act like that person.  You would never allow me to make you look like a fool in front of other people.  

What kind of things have you heard about me?  Did you ever think I was some kind of ghost, when you heard people call me the Holy Ghost?  I can understand why you would not want to be around me.  Why would anyone want to spend time with a ghost?  

I am used to being misunderstood.  I am also used to being ignored and blamed for things that I didn’t do.  There have been many things said about me that were not true.  People have also done things that were thoughtless and hurtful to others and said that I told them to.  

Probably the most painful part for me is when people fail to acknowledge what I do for them. Has anyone ever lied about you, or failed to appreciate you?  Can you remember when that happened?  

Do you remember the last time someone lied about you?  That was painful enough that the memory is still with you.  

Can you remember the last time that you were ignored?  Did that hurt?  I know how painful being ignored can be.  

Even though I have been lied about, misunderstood, ignored, I still love.

I was there at the beginning of creation, hovering over the waters, acting on the Word to create all that I was told.  God said, “Let there be light,” and I brought light into existence.  

I was there in the beginning.  I knew you before you were born. I saw you at your genesis and loved you. I still do. 

Let me help you as you go through each day.  

Let me be your comforter  your counselor your strength.  

Let me birth in you, my character.  Then you will have something to give others.  

You will be like a tree planted by a stream of  running water.  You will bear fruit to feed others: 

My fruit is Love,  

You will be a giver of life if you will yield to my love.

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