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Day 4


Love Letters from the Holy Spirit A Collection

Day 4

As a child, you were vulnerable and constantly in danger if left alone.  I was there with you.  

I commanded gentleness to be, and it was.  You needed gentleness and love.  You needed to be cared for and protected.  

Sometimes you were not.  Sometimes you were handled with calloused hands and an insensitive heart.  Even during this time all was tempered by my gentleness and love.  

Do you ask why?  Would you like to raise a question?  Would you like to know where kindness was during those times of pain?  Let me show you.  

Stop for a minute and close your eyes. Now, think back to a time of great pain.  

Are you there yet? Now look around, can you see me? I was there with you.  Is that hard for you to imagine?  

Close your eyes again and let me take you there.  

Allow me to touch the eyes of your heart so that you can see me there.  Allow Jesus to walk amidst the emotional ruins of that time.  See yourself on the mat by the pool, unable to move but wanting to be healed. Hear the voices around you as you lay there by the pool.  Now hear Jesus call your name and ask you, “Do you want to be healed?â€Â Â 

Allow him to pick you up and carry you into the healing waters.  Feel the warm water encircle your body.  Allow yourself to rest in Jesus’ arms as he holds you.  Feel his strength.  Listen quietly to his heart as it beats for you.  

As he whispers your name, listen carefully to what he is saying to you:

“I love you.  Rest here in my arms as I carry you through the hurts of the past and into the glorious future that I have prepared for you.  You are my beloved, my child, one in whom I take great pleasure.  Allow me to love you and care for you.  Let my strength be your strength and my gentleness your gentleness.† 

“Come, learn from me, for I am patient and gentle of heart.† 



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