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Day 5


Love Letters from the Holy Spirit A Collection

Day 5

“Today I intend to follow all the rules.  I will not make any mistakes.  And I will not walk on any cracks in the sidewalk or offend anyone.  

“I promise to change.  I really want to change.  Lord, please forgive me for my sin.  I feel bad, Lord, I never want to do that again.  But you know my heart.† 

How many times have you said these things to me? But, the funny thing is that I cannot seem to remember what it is you did.  I hear what you say to me, but I don’t remember what it was that you did. I told you before that when you ask me to forgive you, I do and never remember again your transgression.  

But you do.  You remember all that you have done, and all that you perceive I have failed to do for you, as well as those things that others have done to hurt you.  

Your memory is very good about most things that should be forgotten, but you tend to forget the things that you should remember, like my promises.  And what about my mercy that I have shown time and again over the years?  How often you forget my tender mercies.  

You continually forget my tender mercies, complaining about what I have failed to do for you lately.  Are you worried about not receiving any signs from me lately?  Is your faith ready to fail?  Your memory is so weak.  It’s weak from lack of exercise.  When was the last time you spent time listing and recounting my displays of mercy in your life?  

When was the last time that you shared with a friend, the things that I have done for you?  When was the last day that you devoted to be a day of remembrance?  A day of mercy.  A day when you gave back what I have given to you.  Devote a day to me that is filled with mercy instead of sacrifice.  

Bring to me your offerings of kindness and your displays of mercy.  Reach out and minister to the unlovely.  Reach out and minister to those who hurt you.  Do this in remembrance of me: love even those that do not show you love in return.  

Let today be a day of mercy.  Offer yourself to me today as a living sacrifice.  Lend me your eyes, ears, mind, heart, and spirit; provide for me offerings of mercy.  

Attach to the front door post of your house today, a list of remembrances of all my deliverance’s, that I have provided for you.  Attach them to your door post.  Carry them with you wherever you go today.  Recite them aloud, whisper them into your heart.  Speak then in your spirit throughout the day, and say to all that I send you, that the Lord God is merciful, your Heavenly Father is full of compassion to those that love him and also to those that don’t.  

Call for the leaders to assemble. Gaither the people together for a day of remembrance, a week of celebration.  

Call for a celebration service  in which you bring me offerings of peace,  stories of remembrance and acts of reconciliation.  

Call for an assembly, a week of remembrance.  Gather in your homes, sharing together the mercies of God and the deliverance that he provided you from all your enemies.  

Offer to me sacrifices of mercy and watch me pour out upon you tenderness. Then you will become a great light, and many will come to you seeking my offering of compassion.  

Test me in this and see whether or not my hand of blessing will be upon you and if I will not visit you, removing sickness and division from among you, bringing peace to your homes and causing you to find favor with those around you, and cause your enemies to flee from you.  

Toss into the waters of Meribah the wood of mercy and I will turn the bitterness of your life into a sweet offering, a blessing that will be upon you and your children.



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